Artisanal and Certified Organic Cosmetics.

Elfy Derm is a brand of organic and artisanal cosmetics providing a range of face, body and hair care products formulated from the best of nature.

Crème nutrition intense 

The Créme Nutrition Intense nourishes and regenerates the skin in depth in a lasting way.

30ml (1 fl.oz.)

Shampoing Doux Hydrate 

The "Shampoo Doux Hydrate" gently cleanses the hair.

200ml (6.76 fl.oz.)

Lait De Corps Karité 

Light and silky, the "Lait De Corps Karité" moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin.

30ml (1 fl.oz.)

Crème Délicate 

The Crème Délicate is a natural care product of the skin specially designed to moisturize.

30ml (1 fl.oz.)

Fluide Matifiant 

With a fresh and light texture, the matifying moisturizing fluid hydrates and restores the balance of oily skin.

30ml (1 fl.oz.)