The world's first generation of bio-frequency charged essential oils

Qi OIL MHz+ Biofrequency charged oils


Qi OIL MHz+ are a range of bio-frequency charged oils with very high vibrational frequencies for restoring and rebalancing tissues. By interacting with the tissue, Qi OIL MHz+ enables its frequency to be modulated. The oil's bio-frequencies exploit the principle of Coherence Domains to restore the tissue's own resonance.

Principle of Operation

By exploiting the properties of the oils (which are able to penetrate deeply and remain in the tissues), the bio-frequency, appropriately programmed, communicates to the cells the specific information to resolve a given imbalance.





Qi OIL MHz+ BALANCE, thanks to the imprinted frequencies and the combined action of its components of natural origin, has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, myorelaxant, balancing, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal effect. Highly valued by Ayurvedic medicine as a medicine for its beneficial properties on the skin, it is also used to treat skin burns, rashes and eczema.

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QI OIL MHz+ STRESS-OXIDATIVE, thanks to the imprinted frequencies and the combined action of components of natural origin, it combats oxidative stress, strengthens the immune system, reduces muscle fatigue, keeps joints, bones and skin in perfect condition by slowing down skin ageing, contributes to the formation of red blood cells, prevents bleeding and combats bacterial infections.

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QI OIL MHz+ BREATHE, thanks to the imprinted frequencies and the combined action of the components of natural origin, it has an anti-inflammatory action on the upper respiratory tract, decongestant (disinfects and calms irritation of the nasal mucous membranes, fluidifies phlegm), expectorant (facilitates expulsion of mucus), antiseptic and antibacterial (indicated for diseases of the urogenital tract such as cystitis, leucorrhoea and candidiasis), balsamic and invigorating in cases of heaviness and poor circulation in the lower limbs. Can be used in aromatherapy for inhalation in cases of colds, sinusitis, rhinitis and coughs.

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Qi OIL MHzREJUVENATION, thanks to the frequencies impressed and the combined action of the components of natural origin, it has a rebalancing effect on the female hormonal system. Massaged on the abdomen it calms spasms, menstrual pain and stops bleeding. Indicated for disorders linked to hormonal imbalances, anxiety and irritability that characterise premenstrual syndrome and the menopause. Soothing action suitable for all skin types. In the case of sensitive, dry or mature skin, it has an astringent, toning, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and moisturising action. Useful for calming pre-natal anxiety, Qi Oil Rejuvenation can also be massaged into the belly to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

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QI OIL MHz+ JERUSALEM, thanks to the imprinted frequencies and the combined action of the components of natural origin, it has an anti-inflammatory, sedative, tonic and antimicrobial action on a systemic level. On the skin: allergies, mature skin, inflammation, dry skin, tissue ulceration. On the central nervous system: insomnia, nervousness, stress, headaches, tension, digestive difficulties (caused by nervousness), palpitations, mental disorders.

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QI OIL MHz+ 7 CHAKRAS, thanks to the imprinted frequencies is effective in energy treatments. Our state of health is influenced by the correct circulation of energy within the CHAKRA, which are the energy centres of our organism. There are 7 main CHAKRA and each of them is connected with organs and qualities related to our soul.

QI OIL MHz+ 7 CHAKRAS also helps to reduce anxiety, emotional stress and headaches, improves diabetic symptoms, improves brain function, is indicated against burns, helps to improve sleep quality, has positive effects on the skin in reducing acne and slowing down ageing thanks to its powerful antioxidants. (see attached leaflet)

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Use it together with Life Pen or any other SoftMAG Line device to achieve combined action and greater effectiveness.